DISNEY | RAVIPA - Toy Story Collection

You’ve got a friend in me~ Have you ever heard the quote, ‘True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart.’

This quote reminds us of the most precious relationship in our lives, “True Friend.” For RAVIPA, we truly believe that each of us has someone we think of when we laugh and cry. And someone who stands by us through ups and downs. 


Since friendship is something we deeply cherish, we intricately design the heartwarming story of ‘Toy Story’, a perfect epitome of friendship, woven into our new collection—DISNEY | RAVIPA Toy Story Collection


This collection is meticulously made from high-quality materials, bringing your favorite character to life that is always ready to embark on new adventures with you every day. Explore DISNEY | RAVIPA Toy Story Collection featuring a wide range of adorable bracelets, necklaces, studs, and rings. Let’s step into Andy’s room and find your favorite character with us!


“You are my favorite deputy.” —Woody

Woody is one of the iconic characters in Toy Story with a star badge on his chest. He is a cowboy with a pull-string voice box and is also Andy’s favorite toy. Woody is very loyal and courageous as he serves as the leader of the gang and always encourages teamwork among the other toys. Woody always lends a hand and takes a risk to save his friends. For these reasons, it is no wonder his toy peers respect and admire him. Through laughter, tears, and everything in between, Woody is a beloved character who captivates hearts around the world, leaving an indelible mark on the Toy Story legacy.

Available in 5 designs 

  • Woody Necklace 
  • Sheriff. Star. Hero. Ring 
  • Sheriff. Star. Hero. Necklace 
  • Sheriff. Star. Hero. Bracelet 
  • Sheriff. Star. Hero. Studs 


    Buzz Lightyear

    “To infinity and beyond!” —Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz Lightyear is a space ranger action figure featuring retractable wings and a laser wrist communicator. He initially believes he is a real space ranger, but later he finds out he is just a toy. Buzz Lightyear is a loyal friend and an important member of the Toy Story gang, sharing a strong friendship with Woody. He represents bravery, loyalty and the power of imagination, as evidenced by his catchphrase ‘To infinity and beyond’. Buzz Lightyear holds a special place in many people's hearts. 


    Available in 5 designs 

    • Buzz Lightyear Necklace
    • Space Rangers Ring 
    • Space Rangers Studs 
    • Space Rangers Bracelet
    • Space Rangers Necklace 


      “You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful” —Aliens

      The Little Green Men are adorable alien toys in Toy Story. They are small, green, and have three eyes. They have high voices and always say “Ooohhh! The Claw!” The Green Men are found inside the claw machine (Rocket) at Pizza Planet. Additionally, they are incredibly loyal and always support the other toys. With their innocent character, the Little Green Men are one of the beloved characters that steal people’s hearts.


      Little Green Men available in 14 designs

      • Alien Necklace 
      • Little Alien Bracelet adorned with Peridot Beads, a gemstone that brings financial abundance, wealth, prosperity, and opportunity into its wearers’ lives. It is also known to bring success and career development.
      • Little Alien Studs 
      • Little Alien Bracelet 
      • Three Little Aliens Bracelet 
      • Three Little Aliens Ring 
      • Rocket Ring
      • Rocket Studs
      • Rocket Necklace
      • Rocket Bracelet
      • Pizza Planet Bracelet
      • Pizza Planet Necklace 
      • Pizza Planet Studs
      • Pizza Planet Ring 



      “First thing you need to know about me, I’m a hugger.” —Lotso

      Lotso, also known as Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear, is a cute pink, strawberry scented-teddy bear featured in Toy Story 3. Lotso is a leader in Sunnyside Daycare. He seems friendly and welcoming, but he has a sad past that makes him angry. However, Lotso wants someone to love him and take care of him as their favorite toy. Lotso is a complex and interesting character, making Toy Story more exciting.

      Available in 4 designs 

      • Lotso Bracelet
      • Lotso Necklace
      • Lotso Ring
      • Lotso Studs 


      Mr. Potato Head

      “You saved our lives! And we are eternally grateful!” —Mr. Potato Head 

      Mr. Potato Head is a classic character in Toy Story. He has interchangeable facial features, so he can change his face with different parts. Mr. Potato really cares about his friends, especially Mrs. Potato Head. He is very smart and often uses his detachable parts to help his friends. Mr. Potato Head is so funny and helpful, making him a beloved and essential part of the Toy Story gang.

      Available in 2 designs

      • Mr. Potato Head Bracelet
      • Mr. Potato Head Necklace 


      Slinky Dog

      “Friendship is most precious my dear…you must not lose it.” —Slinky Dog

      Slinky Dog is a loyal and friendly dachshund with a spring-like body. Slinky is a devoted friend who always supports his peers in every situation. He is also incredibly loyal, intelligent and lively, making him a cherished friend in every adventure. Slinky Dog always brings joy and laughter throughout the movie.

      Available in one design of a bracelet.

      • Slinky Dog Bracelet
      • Slinky Dog Necklace



      “You just need to believe in yourself.” —Rex

      Rex is a friendly and lovable green dinosaur in Toy Story. Rex is sometimes worried and nervous, but he is kind, gentle, and caring. Rex is a loyal friend who always tries his best to help his friends. He is always there for his friends no matter what. Rex often plays video games with the other toys, and brings laughter to his friends. With his funny character, Rex has won the hearts of many people.

      Available in one design of a bracelet.

      • Rex Bracelet



      “Yee-haw!” —Bullseye

      Bullseye is a horse that acts like a dog. He is speedy and smart, learning how to use a TV remote, video player, and the room light dimmer. Bullseye is a very unique character as he cannot speak like the other toys; he can only make horse noises. Bullseye really likes Woody, so he always licks him like a dog. With his adorable character, Bullseye is a lovable one in Toy Story.

      Available in 2 designs

      • Bullseye Bracelet
      • Bullseye Necklace

      Ducky and Bunny

      “We’re not alone, Bunny. We have each other.” —Ducky

      “Yeah, Ducky. We’re a team.” —Bunny

      Ducky and Bunny are a pair of live plush toys. They are inseparable, always accompanying each other wherever they go. Ducky is a yellow duck, and Bunny is a blue bunny, both eagerly awaiting the chance for a child to win them as a prize. They bring infectious energy to Toy Story, and are good friends with Woody. With their loyalty and playful nature, Ducky and Bunny become beloved characters among fans of all ages.

      • Ducky and Bunny Bracelet
      • Ducky and Bunny Necklace


      “It’s warm. It’s cozy. And safe. Like somebody’s whispering in your ear, ‘Everything’s gonna be okay.’ ” —Forky

      Forky is a handmade toy created by Bonnie, crafted from a white spork, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes. He is funny, innocent, and naive. At first, he is confused and thinks he is trash. However, he experiences moments of friendship and love from Bonnie, leading him to accept himself as a toy. Forky becomes a memorable character who reminds the audiences of the importance of self-acceptance and self-worth.

      Available in 2 designs

      • Forky bracelet adorned with Garnet Beads, a gemstone of profound love. It helps to bring abundance, intelligence, wisdom, and love into its wearers’ lives. It is known to improve strength and vitality. 
      • Forky Necklace 



      Every toy deserves to be played with.” —Buttercup

      Buttercup is a fluffy white toy unicorn with yellow mane and golden horn. He is cheerful, optimistic, and empathetic. He is always willing to support his friends in any situation and cares about the feelings of his companions. Despite his playful nature, Buttercup quickly became a beloved member of the Toy Story gang.

      Available in one design of a bracelet.

      • Buttercup bracelet adorned with White Jade, a gemstone that helps wearers to calm, and prevent them from any anxiety and sleeping troubles. It also repels the negative energy and brings peace, harmony, and luck to your life.

      If you are a fan of Toy Story, we highly recommend this collection. Our pieces can be worn every day, so your favorite character will be with you for every activity. Let’s select your favorite and mix & match for your colorful look now. You’ve a friend in the DISNEY | RAVIPA Toy Story collection.

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