Disney 100 First Love Collection

DISNEY 100 First Love Collection is one of the special collections that we join the celebration of Disney 100th anniversary.

We truly believe that everyone has a favorite character that is always imprinted in our heart and never changes over time. It is a character we fall in love with at first sight and grow up with.

Since these characters have inspired people from the different generations, RAVIPA intentionally gathers these beloved characters into the first love collection. For RAVIPA,  Disney is a place of imagination, happiness, and love for all of us.


Tinker Bell 

“All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie dust” - Tinker Bell 
Tinker Bell from the movie “Peter Pan”


Tinker Bell is a sparkly little fairy with a sprinkle of pixie dust, which is a magical glitter-like powder that allows anything covered in it to fly. She is known as Peter Pan’s sidekick who is smart, fast and skilful. With her standout character, there is no wonder why so many people fall in love with Tinker Bell. 

Tinker Bell’s gemstone is Beryl that is applied for communication improvement. Beryl is also a perfect stone that helps you feel more confident.


“Love is a song that never ends” - Bambi
Bambi from the movie “Bambi”


Bambi is an adorable white-tailed deer that is extremely curious about the world around him. Bambi also has a cute and lively voice. Even though Bambi always looks very young, he has grown up to become the great prince of the forest. Moreover, Bambi also raises people's awareness of wildlife conservation.

Bambi’s gemstone is Sunstone that helps to bring positive energy, and encourage self-confidence, and positive mindset.


“Some people are worth melting for.” - Olaf
Olaf from the movie “Frozen”

Olaf is a happy snowman created by Elsa. Olaf serves as a reflection of Elsa and Anna’s happy childhood moments. Olaf is a lively character that can find happiness in everything. He always offers love and support to Elsa and Anna, as well as bringing joy and light to them. Because of his cheerful personality, Olaf becomes one of the most lovable characters.

Olaf’s gemstone is Sky Blue Topaz that unleashes your intellectual capability. It also attracts bright energy, wealth, prosperity, and success. It is known to promote self-confidence, and motivation in order to achieve your goals.


“Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them.” - Marie
Marie from the movie “The Aristocats”

Marie is a fluffy white-furred kitten wearing two pink ribbons. Marie prides herself on being a little lady, so she likes to mimic her mother’s elegant behavior. Because of the lovely characters, Marie completely makes a little girl to a woman fall in love with her.

Marie's gemstone is Cherry Quartz that helps to promote love and kindness. It also helps attract positive people into your life.


“The very things that held you down are gonna carry you up and up and up.” - Timothy Q. Mouse 
Dumbo from the movie “Dumbo”

Dumbo is an adorable little elephant with big ears. He is playful and has a big heart, which can look past Timothy’s appearance. In addition, Dumbo also believes in himself, so he finally realizes how special he is. Eventually, Dumbo can change from the big ears to the magic ears that allow him to fly. Dumbo is one of the beloved characters that inspires us to believe in ourselves and embrace what makes us unique. 

Dumbo’s gemstone is Beryl that helps protect against negative energy, and bring good luck. It also helps to encourage you to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment.


“No matter what anyone says, you will always be a prince to me.” - Genie
Genie from the movie “Aladdin”

The Genie is extremely powerful which can shape-shift and grant other’s wishes—grant three wishes to a master. Genie is also excitable and always does anything to make others laugh. He is a devoted friend who can do everything for Aladdin. For these reasons, Genie is one of the most notable characters that gets many loves.  

Genie’s gemstone is Blue Jade that helps you remain calm even when you are stressed. It also inspires you to see the big picture.


“Always let your conscience be your guide.” - Pinocchio.
Pinocchio from the movie “Pinocchio”
Pinocchio is a living puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. The blue fairy will grant him his wish if he can prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish—the three things he frequently gets in trouble with. Pinocchio’s nose grows longer if he lies. However, Pinocchio has a big heart and the courage to take a risk to save his father’s life. He loves his father devotedly, so he finally grants his wish to be a real boy. This outstanding character makes Pinocchio memorable.

Pinocchio’s gemstone is Larimar that helps to bring a sense of calm and ease negative emotion. It also helps improve your communication and self-expression.


'Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten' - Lilo and stitch
Stitch from the movie “Lilo & Stitch”

Stitch is an illegal genetic experiment that is designed to be amazingly strong and very smart. Stitch is Lilo's adopted dog. Stitch loves and is loyal to Lilo, so Stitch can risk his life for her. Because Stitch is adorable and incredibly loyal, he is the most favorite character of many people.

Stitch’s gemstone is Sodalite that assists in communications and stimulates creativity and abilities. It is considered as a reminder that nothing is impossible.


"Hakuna Matata" (No worries) - Pumbaa, Lion King 
Simba from the movie “The Lion King”

Simba is energetic and incredibly fearless since he wants to be brave like his father. Simba has been taught to respect all creatures, from small to large. Due to his father’s death, Simba changes his lifestyle to be more relaxed; nevertheless, with his fighting spirit, he takes his rightful place to be a leader as the Lion King. This makes Simba one of the most memorable characters.

Simba’s gemstone is Mix Agate that brings you wealth and prosperity. It also boosts your confidence and helps to balance your physical and mental health.


“Nothing’s more important than family.” - Miguel 
Miguel from the movie “Coco”

Miguel is a music-loving boy who was against playing music despite his family’s generation-old ban on music. He accidentally journeys to the stunning land of the dead where he finally finds the real story behind his family. At the end of the journey, Miguel realized that his family was the most important thing in the world. Miguel also brings music back into his family and makes Coco, his grandmother,  remember her father when he sings “Remember Me” to her. This completely makes him the most loveable character.  


Miguel’s gemstone is White Howlite that makes you feel peaceful and at ease. It helps you to be more relaxed and also attracts positive energy. It also supports your ability in communication and negotiation.


“It is all right to cry, crying is a natural response to pain.” - Baymax

Baymax from the movie “Big Hero 6”

Baymax is a healthcare robot created by Tadashi Hamada to improve health care around the world. Baymax cannot understand human emotions, but the chip makes Baymax the endearing robot he truly is, and it also prevents Baymax from harming human beings. Additionally, the way Baymax moves and reacts to the things makes Baymax so adorable.


Baymax’s gemstone is White Howlite that makes you feel peaceful, and helps you to be more relaxed and also attracts positive energy. It also supports your ability in communication and negotiation.


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