RAVIPA featured in GQ Korea (January issue)

By Ravipa Jewelry

RAVIPA was featured in GQ Korea (January 2022 issue) 
Thank you GQ Korea for this honourable opportunity!
10 Lucky Bracelets you must have in 2022
  1. Yin Yang - The symbol of balance, guiding you to a happy life both physically, and mentally. Ying yang attracts positive energies, drives away negative ones, and makes you fill with happiness and abundance.

  2. The Old Man From The Moon (Yue Lao) - God of love. The design of Yue Lao is the set of The Rainbow Moonstone that can help create love energy for the couple to always make them miss each other. This gemstone also helps to make single people more attractive.

  3. Guanyin - The Goddess of mercy will protect you from harm, help you to be fortunate, and repel all evilness and negative energy. She also will help fulfill your love life. The design of Guanyin is the set of mother of pearls which is considered a symbol of currency which will attract wealth and prosperity.

  4. Brahma - The god of creator, preventing all dangers and illness, changing bad to good. The design of Brahma is the set of blue beryl which is a stone of courage and protection which will help you in communication enhancement and support you when you feel miserable.

  1. Pixiu - The symbol of wealth which is famous for attracting richness and good fortune to homes and businesses. The symbol is embodied with a dragon head, lion body, and paw, while the burgundy color is related to wealth and prosperity.

  2. Caishen - The god of wealth and prosperity who will attract richness and abundance to the wearer. The design of Caishen is the set of mix agate which will bring you good fortune and plenty of treasure into your life.

  3. Guardian Angels - There is a belief in astrology that everyone has 1 guardian angel, protecting us and helping us to be successful in our life. Guardian Angels consist of 7 angels according to the birth date.

  4. Ganesha - The god of intellect and wisdom, providing prosperity, fortune, and success. 9K golden gold is made from authentic 9k gold made by our expert craftsman with delicacy in every procedure. Gold is also the meaning of luxury and richness.

  5. Qilin - A symbol of luck, good omens, protection and prosperity. Qilin can repel evil and enhance the auspiciousness of life. The green color is also a symbol of wealth and good luck.

  6. Chinese Zodiac - Chinese Zodiacs consist of 12 animals such as pig, rat, tiger and dragon. The bracelet will strengthen your fortune which can turn the bad into the good.




According to the article, apart from recommending the "10 Lucky Bracelets you must have in 2022" it also mentioned about RAVIPA success in becoming the number one in the Top 2 e-commerce platforms in Thailand and was considered to be the most sold Thai designer brand in 2021. RAVIPA Reminders (amulet bracelets) had also attained the Design Award in 2019 (DEmark Award). It is also said that RAVIPA amulet bracelets are currently the talk of the town in Thailand and are worn by several celebrities. 

"Although life isnt perfect, you can wear the RAVIPA Reminders (amulet bracelets) as your lucky charms to live your life in a positive way with luxurious and beautiful designs on your arm. RAVIPA has designed the Reminder bracelet (amulet bracelets) to fit the contemporary fashion style which is still auspicious, yet modern and suited for people who like to dress and have fun with matching this and that from their wardrobe. Each design of the bracelet will surely fit in any outfit and also is unique in its meaning which is inspired by deities in different cultures. RAVIPA bracelets are trendy and can be worn as everyday wear." 

GQ Korea also confirm that RAVIPA lucky charms bring you good luck in many aspects of your life such as in love, wealth, education, health, and career development, and are suitable to be bought as a heartwarming gift for yourself, your friends, and your loved ones.