Spotted K.Mark Tuan wearing our RAVIPA Zodiac and RAVIPA Reminder Bracelets.

Spotted K.Mark Tuan, a global superstar with Virgo - Zodiac & our #ravipareminder bracelets! 

Thank you for being a shining star and brightening up our days! We can’t express how much happiness you brought with your support. 

K. Mark Tuan wears altogether 3 pieces of RAVIPA bracelets, which consist of;

☆ Zodiac Virgo from Zodiac collection - Earth element
☆ Mix Agate from RAVIPA Reminder collection - brings you wealth and prosperity
☆ Mother of Pearl from RAVIPA Reminder collection - protects you from any harm

"Virgo" from Zodiac collection
September 17 - October 16

"Mix Agate" from RAVIPA Reminder collection
Brings you wealth and prosperity
"Mother of Pearl" from RAVIPA Reminder collection
Protects you from any harm
All RAVIPA bracelets are crafted from sterling silver plated with 18K white gold, so it can be worn every day without causing redness or itchiness. Each design holds a precious story and symbolizes meaning. Perfect for a daily accessory or a special occasion gift.


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