Zoom Zodiac Scorpio Bracelet
Zoom Zodiac Scorpio Bracelet

Zodiac Scorpio Bracelet

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Determined ✧ Passionate ✧ Brave

Symbol: The Scorpion
Dates: November 16 - December 15
Ruling Planet: Mars 
Element: Water

Scorpio Personality Traits 

Strengths: Scorpios are extremely courageous, selfless, and reliable. They are incredibly focused and do not concern themselves with the opinions of those who judge them. They are highly ambitious and willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

Weaknesses: Scorpios can experience fluctuating emotions, anxiety, and overthinking. They often worry about things, even if they may not happen. 

Elemental Compatibility

Water - Water: The Water Element promotes their imagination and creativity. They will find out what they want in life, and they can adapt to change. 

Water - Fire: The Fire Element encourages leadership, bravery, and decision-making. It helps them make better decisions, leading to the right things in life.

Zodiac Scorpio Bracelet




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