Nezha | God of victory

Nezha 哪吒
God of victory

 God of victory, bringing you courage, success, and power in overcoming your enemies.


Nezha is known as the army leader of heaven, he is powerful and uses the universe ring, and a spear as his weapons. His duty is to guard the heaven gate and to protect it from any mara and evilness. He often gives his worshippers’ blessings such as happiness, success, and victory over their enemies. 


In his childhood, Nezha is considered a naughty child and with his power, he had caused the underwater world to collapse. He also fought with the dragon king and turned the ocean prince into a green snake. All of his adventures are proof that he is so powerful that he can overcome any fight with the mara and evil. It is believed that his worshippers will be safe from any dangers and evilness.


Nezha’s father, General Li Jing, is very furious with the incident and blames that his son is a troublemaker. Li Jing even wants to end the father and son relationship between them. Nezha feels resentful so he tells his parents that he is returning their flesh and bones to them. After that, he appears in his mother’s dream to tell her to build a temple for him so that he could be reborn again.

When the villagers of the Chen Tang Guan city heard the news, all of them gather and help to build the temple on the Cui Ping Shan mountain. Nezha feels grateful for his mother’s love and also the help from the villagers. This is the reason that he often appears and gives the people blessings as a reward. Nezha’s act of gratefulness spread which makes the temple popular among the people and they often come to pay respect to him.

When General Li Jing has heard the news about the temple, he thinks that it is nonsense and has given the order to destroy it. Nezha’s spirit becomes unrest
however he wants to be reborn again so his spirit goes to meet with Xian Shi Zun. Xian Shi Zun sees Nezha’s potential in defeating the demons so he helps Nezha

by offering him a lotus stem, lotus root, lotus fiber, and lotus leaf which symbolize his bones, flesh, tendon, and garment in order to revive him from death. This incident implies Nezha’s tireless determination and the decision to fight and not to give up easily. 

It is believed that the worshipper will be successful in doing any business and also will gain victory, and be able to overcome their enemies. Moreover, Nezha also helps you to attract fortune into your life.

The Universal Ring Symbol
The Universe Ring, is the most powerful weapon of Nezha. He always wear it on his wrist and it can overcome in any fight or overcome any demon and evil. This weapon also help him win over the fight with the dragon king and the ocean prince. 
The symbol of the universal ring help repel any dangers, evilness, and also people who want to take advantage of you. It will help drive away your opponents and also bring happiness into your life.

The set of Nezha comes with 3 designs

  1. The Universe Ring = Overcoming your enemies or evils, drive away any dangers, evilness, and people who will want to take advantage of you.
  2. White Jade = Helps the wearers to be calmer and prevent them from any anxiety.
  3. Mother of pearl = Make your wishes and desires become true, and attract happiness into your life







Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡ Made from Korean nylon, scalable

♡ Unisex ♡ Able to wear along with other amulets

♡ Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

♡ Real silver coated with 18K platinum, no Nickel, natural gem


Amulet bracelet which can be bought for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. It can help attract good things into your lives.

A part of our profit will be donated to the people in need.

All of our amulet bracelets have been through the consecrating process

1,890 baht each  

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