Yue Lao l The Old Man From The Moon (God of love and marriage)

The Old Man from The Moon 月下老

“For this 2021, as for those who are singles, you won’t be single anymore! If you want to meet the right one, if you want a long term relationship, meet this Chinese God that will help you fulfill your love life”

The Old Man From The Moon True love charm from the red thread of love

In Hong Kong, “The Old Man From The Moon” is famous for helping you find true love and a long-lasting relationship. He will truly help you earn an everlasting love.

“True love charm from the red thread of love, grant love wishes for the couple to live together peacefully”

The Old Man From The Moon or known as the God of love and marriage, according to the legend it is said that after the death of his beloved wife the old man died after her and finally united with her.

For the love he has for his wife, he does the prayer and asks god’s blessing to live with his wife, after his death, he finally meets his wife and goes to live on the moon.

The God of love’s duty is to make list of couples’ names who are believed to be destined soul mates. He only appears at night under the moonlight and descends to earth to entwine the red thread in order to unite the couple. The couple is destined and nothing can separate them away. There is no doubt that the couple will be inseparable and will love each other till death takes them apart.

It is believed that the list holding by The Old Man From The Moon is blessed with couples’ names will be married and live together with endless love.

The Old Man From The Moon doesn’t only give blessings to single people but also for the couple to earn a long endless love. It is believed that there will be no fight and no obstacle in the relationship.

♡ Single

For the singles who haven’t meet their soulmates yet,

The god of love will help you find your special one abruptly.

♡ Taken

The god of love will make your relationship work smoothly.

There will be no third party.

Suitable for anyone who is hoping for marriage.

He will surely grant your wishes

Consists of 2 designs

 Rainbow Moonstone | A gem that is believed to be originated from the moonlight which will glow the most in the full moon night.

The Old Man From The Moon descends to the earth on the night of the full moon in order to entwine the red thread on the destined couple.

Rainbow Moonstone can help create love energy for the couple to always make them missing each other. It also helps to make single people more attractive.

This is why RAVIPA brings Rainbow Moonstone and merge it with the god of love (The Old Man From The Moon) This gem represents the moon which gives both single and taken individuals blessings in love.

 Symbols (a book of couples’ names) | A book of couples’ names which is carved with the moon and is encircled with the red love string represents The Old Man From The Moon.

It can be compared his legend which he makes note of the destined couples’ names on the Moon and descends to the Earth at night in order to entwine the couples’ love thread.

It is believed that The Old Man From The Moon is the most powerful on the full moon day which the moon will be the brightness. He will grant the couples’ who wear the amulet to have a long-lasting love life with no obstacles in the relationship.

Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡ Made from Korean nylon, scalable

♡ Unisex

♡ Able to wear along with other amulets

♡ Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, no smell, and no allergy

♡ Real silver coated with 18K platinum, no Nickel, natural gem

Sacred bracelet which is suitable for anyone. It is also suitable to be bought as a meaningful gift for your loved ones

If you bought it as a gift, we can wrap it for you which it comes with a card for free!

Sacred bracelet with the price of 1,890 baht per piece

Qilin Navy & The Old Man From The Moon Rainbow Moonstone

Lakshmi Rose Quartz & The Old Man From The Moon Rainbow Moonstone

Pixiu Burgundy & The Old Man From The Moon Rainbow Moonstone

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