Trimurti | God of Love.

God of Love, bringing the holders to true friendship and love.
Trimurti merges the three gods into a single form with three faces. Each god is in charge of one aspect of creation, with Brahma as the creator, Vishnu as the preserver, and Shiva as the destroyer. Trimurti worship would bring career progress and success of love.

The set of Trimurti comes with 3 designs.

  1. Rose Quartz, a gemstone of love that helps to heal your heart, is full of love energy. Even though, love comes from different forms and meanings. Rose quartz would help you easily get access to love from all angles. This bracelet is a reminder that you will be loved.
  2. Red Wishbone, a symbol of good luck that helps your wish come true if you believe with your whole heart. This bracelet is a reminder that will bring good fortune to your life.
  3. Rhodochrosite, a highly powerful symbol for emotional healing. It can embrace your inner child. The beauty of this bracelet will be your reminder to possibly spread unconditional love to yourself and anyone around you.

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