RAVIPA Reminder | Eco Friendly Bracelets

RAVIPA Reminder Bracelets, an everyday reminder as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. This series of the Bracelets has two types of charms, the Wishbone and Rose Quartz. The charms mimic characteristics that roots from the heritage of RAVIPA Jewelry, while accommodating everyday wear practicality & durability for all and promoting environmental sustainability from 100% recycled material

This distinctive design was invented to become a meaningful gift anyone can offer one another. The charm on the bracelet stems from RAVIPA’s original jewelry background and heritage in silver and gemstones, where the Wishbone silver design and Rose Quartz gemstones offers a message of personal touch for everyday wear. RAVIPA Reminder Bracelets builds in a unique two-way tightening mechanism to be easily worn, adjustable and suitable for a wide wrist circumference range. Besides, the bracelet straps are made to be sustainable, with 100% of the strap made of post-consumer plastic bottles in the form of polyester yarn, promoting environmental sustainability while offering durability and lightness.

The goal is to invent heartwarming bracelets as a truly noteworthy gift for anyone to share with one another. While ensuring the quality of products, from practicality of daily wear, to environmental sustainability. RAVIPA’s Reminder Bracelets have previously been awarded the Thai National Design Award, Design Excellence Award in 2019 (DEmark Award). As observed on Harper’s BAZAAR Thailand and numerous other reputable magazines, RAVIPA Reminder bracelets can be seen on the wrists of the major celebrities, fashion bloggers and influencers in Thailand on a daily basis.


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