Vessavana l One of the Four Diamond Kings of Heaven, bringing wealth and unveiling immense power.


One of the Four Diamond Kings of Heaven, bringing wealth and unveiling immense power

A great god of valuables, who guard your money, and protects you from any evilness.
Jambhala who is one of the Four Diamond Kings of Heaven resides in the heavens of Jatu Maha Rashika sitting in the north. It is believed that his territory is very wide.Jambhala is known to be a giant who is the powerful leader of all the demons. Every demon, giant, and fairy is terrified by him. 
It is believed that he is so rich as he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth before he become Jambhala.This is why he is called “The great god of treasure” and is the reason why he gives blessings and fortune to his worshippers. His worshippers will earn money with ease, and won’t face financial problems in a difficult situation.
Vessavana is seen as kind and always does good deeds. He is considered as one of the gods who protect the earth. He is respected and is seen as the god who protects us from bad spirits. 
People believe that Jambhala will help destroy all the unfortunate things. It can be said that worshipping him will gain you prestige and the power to lead people. Your subordinates will obey you and be considerate towards you.


Normally, at the temple, you can see 1-2 giant statues holding a club guarding the temple standing in front of the door and also protecting all the treasure, valuables, statues of Buddha, and ancient remains. 


Vessavana symbol represents the face of a giant, or in this case, refers to Jambhala face. This symbol drives away any evilness and all the unfortunate things that come into your life. 
It also provides prestige and wealth to the holders or worshippers. Jambhala will make you wealthy and get rid of all of the evilness, fraud, and people who have bad intentions towards you.

Vessavana comes with 4 designs

1.Vessavana : drive away any evilness, provide you prestige, and people will obey you.

2.Smoky Quartz : gives you the power to lead people without facing any obstacles and helps you to manage everything with ease. Also, attract pure energy into your life.

Price : 1,890

3. Vessavana Charm : drive away any evilness, provide you prestige, and people will obey you.

Price : 1,490

 4.Special Edition: Golden Gold Jambhala

Price: 9k 5,990 THB

Price: 14k 7,990 THB

Price: 18K 9,990 THB

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Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡ Made from Korean nylon, scalable

♡ Unisex

♡ Able to wear along with other amulets

♡ Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

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