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Customized Couple Rings From Your Love Story
Each couple has different love story….
RAVIPA Bridal believes that the love story between the couple are valuable than any gold and jewel that is why the wedding rings are designed from you own love story.
Our brand provide an exclusive service. As for RAVIPA Bridal, we offer creating customized couple rings which refer to your love story, a story which only both of you will know and will always think of each other when wearing the ring.
Customers can also set the budget price and choose your own material for the wedding ring such as 10K, 14K, 18K authentic silver, authentic white gold plated, platinum, and diamond of our own choices.

Wedding is a one of a lifetime experience and we want to help make it perfect with the wedding rings that is full with your own unique love story.

Let us be a part of your meaningful day with our customized couple rings for you and your loved one. Your RAVIPA Bridal wedding rings are made by a new generation designer which is guaranteed with several awards from Ravipa Jewelry.


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