New Collection | Dragon's Treasure, Lotus of Purity, and Barque of love

New Collection | Dragon's Treasure, Lotus of Purity, and Barque of love


Our new design bracelets welcome the Festival of Chinese New Year 

These designs have taken over 5 months with our highest determination before delivering to your hands


Caishen (財神)

The god of prosperity, attracting richness and abundance to your life. The symbol of Dragon’s Treasure is inspired from Caishen who can change ordinary stone into valuable gold.




The dragon shown on the right-hand side is considered as a symbol of prosperity and wealth which is enfolded with the infinity (♾) symbol. The number 8 does not only imply infinity but also an infinite amount of richness. We can say that this design has altogether 3 symbols that are associated with wealth.




Caishen (財神), the god of prosperity and wealthiness is often respected and worshipped in many areas of China, especially during the Chinese New Year Festival.
The Chinese believe that Caishen will provide the worshippers the blessing of prosperity and wealth into their lives.


According to the legend, Caishen is famously known as the skillful alchemist who has a tool that can turn ordinary stone and iron into valuable gold. For this reason, we can commonly see his followers carrying gold, fruits, and other treasure symbolizing wealth.




Guanyin ( 觀音)



Guanyin is known as the goddess of mercy, and the Lotus of Purity symbol is inspired by Guanyin 2 symbols

  1. The Lotus which implies purity can bring happiness and positive energies
  2. Guanyin’s Urna symbol on her forehead which implies wisdom


Guanyin, the goddess of mercy or also known as the name of “Guanyin Pu Sa” (觀世音菩薩) which means “The mother who listens to the Earth’s prayers” this is the reason that Guanyin often heard the sadness of everyone.


With her love and kindness, Guanyin will protect and help everyone who is suffering. She is considered the embodiment of compassion, mercy, and gracefulness. She also radiates love to all beings on earth.


Guanyin’s dedication in coming to the rescue of the suffering calls and prayers makes her become loved and cherished among the god, goddess, and also her worshippers.




Mazu (妈祖)


Mazu (妈祖) and the Barque of love symbol. This design is inspired by the barque that Mazu resides. It is believed to bring the loved one or your soulmate to return safely to you.


Mazu (妈祖) is also known as the name of “Chuan Tou Niang” (船头娘) among the sailors which means “The mother of prow”. It is believed that she dwells in the prow of the baque.






According to the tales, when Mazu deceased at the age of 28 on the mountain, there were clouds floating in the sky with gold light appearing and beautiful sound of music playing in order to guide Mazu to become an angel in heaven. After that, Mazu’s body was enshrined in the barque to protect the sailors and to help them sail safely without facing any obstacles and accidents during their journey on the sea.


It is well-known that the coastland countries mostly will honor and worship Mazu in order to ask her for protection when traveling on the sea and to reach their destination safely.
Mazu doesn’t only provide protection when traveling but also provides blessing in love by bringing your loved one to the land safely. In Meizhou, to honor her, women are mostly seen to carry a comb with the shape of the barque which is a representation of Mazu.




Guaranteed with World Design Award

Design Excellence Award (DEmark)

♡Made from Korean nylon, adjustable


♡Able to wear along with other amulets

♡Can be worn daily, can wear anytime even in water, with no smell, and no allergy

♡Real silver coated with 18K white gold, no Nickel, natural gem 

Amulet bracelet which can be bought for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. It can help attract good things into your lives.

If you buy as a gift, we also provide gift packaging

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