Phra Mae Thorani

Phra Mae Thorani 

The mother who nurtures the earth, bringing abundance to the land

Bring forth the flower of happiness and prosperity

The mother of earth or also known as “Phra Mae Thorani or the mother who is squeezing her hair” is respected and considered as the creator of every living thing on this earth. She is also known as the earth’s nurturer.


Phra Mae Thorani is lovable towards all the humans as if she is their mother. She’s aware of all the merit made from the holy water which comes from her by squeezing her hair. According to the history of Buddha, it is said that ...At the time when Buddha is doing the act of perseverance before becoming Lord Buddha, Mara Wattawadee and its army come to interfere and say that he owns this throne. As for Buddha, he swears on the name of Phra Mae Thorani to be the witness of his merit. Phra Mae Thorani then appears and squeezes her hair which then releases all the holy water from every life of the Buddha’s merit. This leads to the defeat of the maras and the becoming of Lord Buddha.


Throughout history, habitant in Suvarnabhumi is able to live because of essential things like water and soil which leads to the belief of the ritual in apologizing. People apologize for walking on the soil, polluting it, and doing inappropriate things on it. They apologize by praying and floating material which has offerings on it on the water or which is known by Loy Kratong festival. They not only pray and apologize but also thank Phra Mae Thorani for the result in agriculture and for the abundance throughout the year. She is the reason that people have food and are able to live comfortably without any suffering. 


Phra Mae Thorani is considered as the mother who nurtures the earth and also the symbol of abundance which is seen through the creation of “Phra Mae Thorani Statue” at several venues and institutes in order to earn protection from her.
It is believed that all of the things are originated from the ground such as buildings. This is why we should pray to her and ask for her blessings before doing any agriculture or construction. Phra Mae Thorani will provide you success, abundance, peace, and drive away any suffering for her believers. She also attracts fortune because a part of her lives everywhere and she knows how to make the wealth of it.

Comes with 2 designs

Nathinil (Water Droplet) symbol of lotus shape droplet which cleanses bad energy. In Hindu beliefs, the lotus is a symbol of perfection in every domain and also refers to a limitless amount of wealth.

Sky Blue Topaz reflect negative energy, stabilize your mental energy, heal your mind and make you more conscious.



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Amulet bracelet which can be bought for yourself or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones. It can help attract good things into your lives.

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